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Tosh Trek – Most Underrated Tourist Spot

Tosh Trek

Discover the magnificent, lush, green landscapes, falls, and many natural scenery of the Himalayas. You will experience a fantastic retreat from the megacity life and reconnect with nature during this two-day tour across the snow-capped Alps. Enjoy this exciting journey with the assistance of a knowledgeable travel companion who is familiar with the areas. Enjoy a campfire session in the evening and engage in conversation with your travelling companions while surrounded by nature. The Tosh trek adventure, which is situated at an elevation of874 ft, allows you to discover some incredible pathways that are home to springs and enormous jewels.


Journey of Tosh Trek


The Tosh Valley journey is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Adventures are always delightful and liberating. You may discover the picturesque splendour of Himachal Pradesh at Tosh, which is renowned for its lush green denes, snow-capped mountains, lovely greenery and fauna, stirring cascades, and enticing ravines.


With a height of 1,874 feet at the edge of Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Tosh Village is a hidden treasure that rewards your eyes with magnificent vistas of the mighty Himalayas and glittering waterfalls. Tosh Valley will capture your attention and cause you to fall in love with the mountains because it is the home of the swash Parvati-Swash Tosh.


Data for the Tosh Trek


A maximum altitude of 874 feet

the 6 KM of the Tosh Trek ( to and down)

Temp. on the Tosh Trek From -7.6 degrees Celsius to 13.5 degrees Celsius, the temperature ranges in the summer. Layoffs cause the temperature to drop from 9.5 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius during the day.

ATM In Kasol Mobile Network, there is one last ATM. In these regions, BSNL employs sophisticated tour quality service.


How to Get There


Barshaini, which is 22 kilometres from Kasol, serves as the starting point of the expedition. The location is easily accessible by any form of public or private transportation. A 30-kilometre distance from the starting point of the excursion is where the closest field is, Kullu Manali Airport.


Day 1 appearance in Kasol; arrival in Barshaini; guided excursion to Tosh Barshaini

Following your arrival at Barshaini, which is about 22 KM downhill from Kasol, the journey will start.

A warm and knowledgeable companion has arrived. Understanding the dos and don’ts will allow your Tosh journey to begin.

Start your trek towards the noble Tosh Falls; it will take around 2.5 KM to complete the expedition.

Enjoy Mother nature’s stage while you and your party take in the tranquil scenery.

To savour mouth-watering cuisine, return to the campgrounds.

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature, music, people having fun, and a campfire in the middle of hills while you sink into a sense of forgetfulness.

Sleeping under the Dome canopies at the participating base


Journey’s End: Trek back to Barshaini

Don’t miss the breathtaking daylight by not getting up early. Breakfast with your friends is the next step after refreshing yourself in the shared restrooms.

Your enjoyable journey will come to an end after you and your partner travel back to Barshaini.

return to Kasol via the original or private transportation


Know Before You Trek the Tosh

It takes some time to adjust to the high mound’s different climatic conditions from those of the lowlands.

The company retains the right to alter the itinerary in the event of extreme weather or a natural disaster.

A croaker should be consulted before making the trip. Bring introduction information and a first-aid kit with you on the trip.


Things to carry


To have a secure voyage, pay attention to the preceptors and journey attendants.

Don’t encourage littering at the original locations or campgrounds because the journey passes through an eco-friendly area. Travelers who leave trash behind risk fines.

Since water is so valuable, conservation efforts are welcomed.

Encourage nighttime travel only if it is specified in the itinerary and a companion is present; otherwise, unexpected disasters may occur.

Avoid wearing earphones on the trip; doing so could make you less audible.

Maintain the destinations’ ecological balance by abstaining from using plastic bags.

If the trip needs to be cancelled, notify the authorities in advance.

It is necessary to adhere to the state government’s guidelines. To keep one’s distance from society. frequent hand sanitization


Professional companion(s) are provided to ensure high safety, additional knowledge, and the specialised care required to fully experience a journey.

A neat and tidy vehicle for the journey with a knowledgeable driver, especially for difficult terrains, is available.

The rainfall determines how the climate operates.

Camping is a true introduction to nature. Luxuries shouldn’t be expected in advance. Only certain places might have access to electricity.

There may or may not be a central location where campers can charge their devices and laptops.

The bundle does not include any specific fees, information of a specific kind, reflections not specified, etc.

Bring dry snacks and food from home ( you will save a lot of plutocrat). Bring water bottles with you so you can rehydrate.

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