Thursday, March 30, 2023


Apart from being the capital city of the country, Delhi is also a point of attraction for so many reasons. If you for a while ignore the news about suffocating pollution, growing population or the corrupted politics, then you can actually find Delhi to be the most exotic place in the country. From the historical places to crowded markets, Delhi has got them all to attract millions of tourists and billions of travelers! Although this pandemic has hit every place so bad that we can’t think of going out from our homes, but the lives in metro cities have been dramatically changed. Delhi is one of the most affected city by the pandemic. Being the capital, it also comes a lot on every news channels which has made public even more worried about the situations in the city. If you are from Delhi, you will surely find this article relatable and feel nostalgic. Here are some of the typical things that you love the most about the city but yet missing the most in this pandemic!

  • Delhi Metro

Delhi metro is the first high speed metro railways to be built by the Indian government. It acquires a huge area and help communicate at least 1.5 million passengers with at least 2700 trips which make it a world famous metro train service! But during the pandemics, it has been shut and affected almost everyone’s lifestyle. The convenience of travelling by means of charges, and facilities are highly appreciable in Delhi Metro. But during the lockdown, people didn’t even have a chance to visit the metro stations or go anywhere by it. It must be horrible for all of us to pay so much money to the private taxies or paying for the fuel to travel by our own vehicle on a daily basis.

Delhi Street Food

The Delhi street food is one of the best in the whole country. PaniPuri, ChholeBhature, PavBhaji, chat, Samosa, Bread Pakoda, Kababs, Momos, and everyone’s most favouriteParanthawaligali (The street of Parantha), and the list still goes on to allure mesmerize everyone! Even if you are on a strict diet, you cant restrict yourself from having a bite of the chatpata street food. But in this terror of the pandemic, most of the food joints are temporarily or permanently closed which really hurts all of us!

  • Sightseeing

Onecan not complete the package of sightseeing in one day because every corner of the city has something significant to be seen. Starting from the museums, forts, QutabMinar, Lotus Temple to RashtrapatiBhavan, Connaught Place, India Gate, various religious temples and many more, there are more than 50 places to visit in Delhi if you are in a mood to explore the city. But in this pandemic, most of them are shut. It gives us all a very sad feeling to see those all-time crowded and popular places locked for so long.

  • Shopping in Delhi Markets

Delhi’s street fashion is famous in all over the world. Did you know that even Hollywood prefers the fiber and clothing collection from Delhi’s fashion hubs like Lajpat Nagar? Yes, it’s true! The most famous American Fantasy series Game of Thrones also had its costumes made from Lajpat Nagar. Once you visit these places like Sarojini Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Janpath, DilliHaat, Chandni Chowk, Khan Market and Karol Bagh, you can’t come back empty handed. But now that we are not allowed to go to crowded places, the excitement of shopping is gone. It is too upsetting. But if you want to buy a gift for your dear one, the online gift retailers like MyFlowerApp.Com is always at your service. They have a great collection of floral gifts, personalized gifts, coffee mugs, cosmetics, chocolates, cakes and many more in an affordable range. And the best thing is, you will get your gifts delivered anywhere in the city or even in the country with online same day delivery.

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