Monday, March 20, 2023

The best eCommerce platform in 2022

It’s so exciting to starting an online venture, right?

Do you also wish to start an eCommerce business on your own, but are not sure which platform to opt for?

That’s how it is in the beginning.

You need to be aware of how your organization is progressing, and what are the tools you will need in the future. This will help you choose the right eCommerce platform.

When you research on the web for the eCommerce platform, you will see that the list is endless, and it goes on and on.

And you need to know which one is the best, cost effective, where you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every month on applications.

In this article we’ll discuss about the best ecommerce platform in 2022. Some of these come with integration with many essential tools such as MailChimp for email marketing and many other tools.

However, to make the best of email marketing tools, you need to have your email list ready. And you could use an email finder for this.

Email finder – A glimpse

You could sue an email finder like to find the email addresses of your prospects. This tool uses big data and artificial intelligence mechanism to locate the correct email format.

I hope you find this tip helpful.

Now let us get to the eCommerce platforms. Are you ready?

Great! Let’s dig right into it.

E-Commerce platform – What is it?

An e-commerce platform is a way of developing and delivering an online experience that enables you (the businesses) to make sales and fulfill orders from anywhere (literally) in the world, no matter where your clients are located or where they wish to make a purchase.

So that’s the overview.

Many people have the perception that e-commerce is just a medium to list products and receive payments online. However, what it really is much more than that.

If you wish to run a successful business, your e-commerce platform should serve as a completer business command center enabling you manage everything – right from inventory to sales.

The payment processing feature must let you to get payments, and at the same time it should give smooth access to all the tools you need for online selling.


Shopify is extremely popular. There is no way you haven’t heard of it.

This tool is great recommendation for anyone looking to make an online store.

It’s easy to use and comes with so many applications and integrations. You can use the apps available on it to send text message to people that buy your products, you can get stuffs to help you with drop shipping.

For business owners, this platform provides free email marketing service, help you with abandon cart recovery, search engine optimization, and comes with a variety of other native tools and features.


Wix is the most flexible website builder. With this platform, you just must drop and drop elements.

Sounds like creating a PowerPoint slide, right?

This website builder lets you customize your website any way you want, just make sure it translates well to a mobile device and it also comes with a lot integration such as MailChimp.


If you just want to create a general ecommerce store and integrations are not your priority, then BigCommerce can be an ideal platform for you.


Webflow has better themes, nicer aesthetics, and is being adopted by a greater number of people. This platform is powerful yet flexible.

You can create highly responsive and dynamic websites using this platform.

Final thoughts

If you wish to be among intelligent entrepreneurs, you should seek the ideal ecommerce platform that’s not just an online store builder but an ecosystem of tools, giving you a complete command over every aspect of your business and the ability to scale as your brand grows.

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