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How spectrum customer service improves brand image?

How spectrum customer service improves brand image?

The spectrum network falls under charter communication. Charter communication brought the spectrum brand name into being in 2014 after the acquisition of Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Bright House network. Currently, spectrum is the largest TV and cable service provider in the United States. Not only this, but the spectrum also provides phone services to its users. Therefore, for a complete household that requires Internet, TV, and phone services, spectrum should be your network of choice. At the moment, spectrum has three different TV packages available for its users

  • Spectrum TV select
  • Spectrum TV gold
  • Spectrum TV silver

Spectrum TV selects over 125 channels, spectrum TV silver offers over 175 channels, and finally, spectrum TV gold offers over 200 channels to its users. Spectrum also has many other features involved in the spectrum TV packages like spectrum TV app so that you don’t miss your favorite shows while on the move, spectrum primetime so that you can stay p to date with your favorite shows at your favorite time of the day, spectrum TV choice, which allows you to select ten cable channels along with the pre-existing channels which are a part of your TV package, etc.

Spectrum understands that to gain success in the industry and beat its competition, it needs to give the maximum emphasis to the customers. Therefore, spectrum pays a lot of attention to its customer service program. There are several reasons why customer service is crucial for the growth of your business. Here are a few facts about customer services that spectrum pays a huge amount of attention to: spectrum telefono

Retaining an existing customer is easier than getting a new customer.

Even if there is an increase in customer retention by only 5%, it can cause an increase in the profit of the company by 25%. This happens because the returning customers are more likely to engage more with the brand, which then causes the business to have to spend less on operating costs. Focusing on customer service reduces the churn rate, which in turn reduces the amount that the company needs to spend trying to acquire new customers.

Customer service represents the mission, brand image, and values

By now, you know what a brand is trying to represent. However, it is impossible for the customers to understand what the brand wants to put forward. The customer gets influenced by the advertisements, social media presence, external marketing, and content. However, sometimes customers land up making assumptions that may not be true. Therefore, the customer service team at spectrum is dedicated to representing the brand in the right manner so that the customers understand what the brand is all about. Over 96% of customers agreed that customer service plays a crucial point in brand loyalty.

Happy employees, happy customers

Employees do want to come to work if they feel that they are being underappreciated. Similarly, employees belonging to the customer service team also do not wish to come to work if they feel that they are not getting their deserved appreciation. Research has shown that employees who behave empathetically towards the customers solve their problems and actually talk to them, bringing more customers to the company.

Happy customer brings in more customers.

If the customer is happy with the business and services offered by the industry, the customer will talk about it to his or her peers, colleagues, and friends. This way, the reputation of the company spreads from one person to the other by a word-of-mouth interaction. This eventually sets off a chain reaction. A satisfied customer service team leads to happy customers, which in turn leads to an increase in the brand image of the company by the word-of-mouth method.

Good customer service engages loyalty.

When the customer service is good from the side of the industry, the customers feel like they are getting their money’s worth, and they put more faith in the company. As it has been mentioned before, it is much easier and cheaper to retain an old customer than to acquire a new one. If the customer is satisfied with the behavior of the representative and company, he or she will seek out the company in the future as well.

Customers are paying more to the companies who offer better customer service.

It has been observed that 60% of customers would prefer to pay more in case they receive better customer service. Thus, customer service matters a lot to the customers. A single positive experience with customer service can be a decisive factor for the client to stick with the same brand.

Even though the cases of coronavirus may have been reduced, these new types of communication channels are here to stay for the future. Over time, these channels will become a standard part of the customer service industry.

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