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Heart Valve replacement Surgery In India

Heart plays an important role in our body. We all know that the heart is mainly known for pumping the blood to circulate into the body. And the circulating blood carries the nutrients and also helps to remove the waste from the body. The valve of the heart is responsible for one way blood flow and manages the flow of blood. But what would happen if our heart or valve of heart will damage?

The valve can pump the blood forcefully due to putting the extra pressure on the heart and cause heart damage. There are certain types of treatments or surgeries to repair the valve to prevent heart damages from various heart diseases.

Valve Replacement Surgery

Valve replacement Surgery includes replacement of damaged valve with the mechanical or tissue valve. The mechanical valve is the synthetic valve while tissue valve is obtained from human donors, cow, and pigs. Anew valve helps to get relief from chest pain and reducing the strain on the heart. There are four types of valves in heart of human:

– Aortic valve

– Mitral valve

– Tricuspid valve

– Pulmonic valve

The aortic valve is replaced not repaired during surgery. Mitral valve is repaired during surgery while tricuspid and pulmonic valves are rarely replaced or repair.

The valve replacement surgery in India provides the best affordable cost, best surgeons, best facilities with the modern infrastructure of hospitals. There are various best hospitals that provide best valve replacement surgery.

Diagnosis Of Valve Replacement Surgery

Initially, doctors examine a patient by listening to the sound of heartbeats that occur due to the opening and closing of valves. There are many tests which are performed to diagnose the valve diseases such as:

– Transesophageal echocardiography

– Cardiac catheterization or an angiogram

– Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

– Radionuclide scans

– Echocardiography

Types of Valves Used In Surgery

  1. Mechanical Valve: These are artificial or made from materials such as stainless steel or ceramic. It is long lasting and can last for hundred years. But this can lead to blood clots so the patients having mechanical valve they use anti-coagulant drugs such as warfarin and aspirin.
  2. Tissue Or Biological Valve: These are made from the human tissues from donated heart also called allograft or homograft and from animal tissues that are called xenograft. It is not long lasting as the mechanical valve. It can be replaced in every ten years. It does not need to take blood-thinning medications to patients. These are mainly used for elderly patients not in children and adults because it can be broken down faster in them.

Benefits Of Surgery

Most people quickly recover after a surgery even though it may sometimes vary according to age. An improvement in the health condition will be noticed. Doctors play a crucial role in maintaining the health by recommending some activities or exercises to be performed on daily basis.

Risk Of Surgery

There are various risks involved with the heart valve replacement surgery which include:

– Blood clot formation

– Irregular heart rhythm

– Endocarditis

– Bleeding or hemorrhage.

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