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Get Ideas for Renovating Your Home’s Six Major Areas

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Are you looking for inspiration in renovation? You have many options to renovate your six main areas. You can do simple updates or complete renovations that will give you a new space.

Sometimes, renovating can be difficult because it is hard to know what to do about all the trash that has been created. Some debris ends up in the dump, but many renovation materials can be recycled and donated. It doesn’t matter where junk is going, it can be difficult to transport it if you don’t have a big vehicle. Not to mention the laborious task of loading and unloading the items. Two Brothers Dumpsters can help you get rid of the junk from your renovation projects. Two Brothers Dumpsters can do all the heavy lifting and dispose of your items responsibly. This gift will allow you to concentrate on your renovation. We can help you get there faster with a little junk removal assistance!

Six areas in your home that you can renovate

You can find our top ideas for renovating your backyard, basement, kitchen, bathroom or spare room. We also have tips on how to properly dispose of renovation debris.

1. Outdoor space

Your outdoor space should feel like an oasis. It should also be a place where you can entertain. Make sure you have completed all practical renovations before you start on any cosmetic ones. Make sure you inspect your deck and fence for rot. Replace it if necessary to avoid injury. You can also update patio furniture or outdoor decor that has been damaged as you create a wonderful entertaining space.

The front yard is also important! Refresh your landscaping to improve your home’s curb-appeal. You can start by trimming any overgrown trees and shrubs, then you can replace any damaged or old pavers. You may end up with yard waste, trimmings from trees, bricks, old patio furniture, or trampoline after your outdoor renovation.

2. Kitchen

There are many ways to transform your kitchen if it is outdated. You can instantly transform your kitchen by repainting the cabinets and adding new hardware. A modern tile backsplash can be replaced, but it is not a big project. You might consider a peel-and-stick tile to replace the old backsplash.

You can make your kitchen more energy efficient by replacing any outdated appliances. This will allow you to have a modern kitchen. Consider removing walls from your kitchen to open it up.

3. Bathroom

Are you still using a pink or blue bathtub in your bathroom? It’s time to move on if you have a blue or pink bathtub in your bathroom. You have two options: either replace the tub entirely or use a tub refinishing tool to do it yourself. Repainting your walls or vanity is a quick cosmetic fix. Floating shelves or under-the-sink storage are great options if you lack organization and storage in your bathroom.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, a professional plumber should be called if you are undergoing any plumbing repairs. Resolicited any cracks and re-grout shower tiles that are worn down to prevent mold growth. These preventative steps will save you money in the long-term.

You may find unwanted plumbing materials such as tiles, mirrors or old tubs after your bathroom renovation. Two Brothers Dumpsters can help you determine how to dispose off these materials. We accept all of these items and more.

4. Reserve a room

Is your spare bedroom a clutter-filled dump? You can reclaim this space and make it functional. To begin, get rid of any clutter in the room. Then you can imagine what it could look like. You can replace dingy carpet with hardwood floors or get new carpet. This will instantly give life to your space.

There are many possibilities for your spare bedroom. A spare bedroom could be converted into a home office or sewing/craft area.

5. Home office

It’s time to give your home office a makeover! It’s important to create a work environment that encourages productivity. You should have an ergonomic chair that is comfortable to sit in for at least eight hours each day. Lighting is also important. A combination of overhead lighting and task lighting such as a desk lamp can be a great way to get enough lighting. Install a room divider if your office is located in a larger space to improve focus and reduce distractions.

You can increase the storage space in your office by installing built-in storage or a desk. This will give you more work surface. You should also get rid of anything you don’t use such as an old printer or computer monitor. We can help you get rid of it!

6. Basement

You may find that some of the materials you have left over from other home renovations end up in the basement, to be dealt with later. If this is the case, and your basement has become more of a storage area than a living space, it is time to renovate it.

Your basement can be transformed easily into a work space with tool storage, or a second living area with new flooring and paint. You can still store seasonal or bulk items in your basement by using vertical storage on the walls. You may find items that you haven’t used in a while, like old tires, sporting equipment, or debris from past renovations. Clear out all of your unwanted items by renting 20 yard dumpster.

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