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Cool! Indonesia Has the World’s Best Restaurant and Surf Destination

Cool! Indonesia Has the World’s Best Restaurant and Surf Destination

Indonesia apparently has the best restaurant and surfing destination in the world. This best surfing destination in the world is located in Nias island. Not only one, but there are two of the best surfing destinations which can be found at nias surf indonesia. Whereas the world’s best restaurant is in Bali Island.

By being nominated as the world’s best restaurant, these two places have become very famous and popular places. Which restaurant and surfing sites are they? Let’s pay attention to the information below!

The World’s Best Restaurant

Koral Restaurant grew to be one of bali restaurant which was nominated as the world’s best according to the Best of the Best List of 2021 in Picture Perfect category by TripAdvisor.

Being nominated as the best, the restaurant which is located at The Apurva Kempinski Bali has a beautiful aquatic restaurant. Since its first appearance in 2019, this restaurant has stolen lots of attention with the uniqueness of its concept.

Being the first and the only one undersea restaurant in Indonesia, Koral Restaurant gives a dining atmosphere with miraculous scenery. The beautiful scenery displayed inside of the restaurant through the walls made of glass.

Besides serving beautiful scenery, this restaurant also has a tasty food menu made by an experienced chef. The menu is seafood served with a variety of Indonesian signature flavours.

Not only does it have a delicious archipelago taste, the food is also served in a beautiful and appealing form.

World’s Best Surfing Destination

Next one is the world’s best surfing destination that is located in Nias. There are two famous locations here. These two locations were called Indicator and The Point that served waves for extraordinary surfing experience.

Situated at Sorake Beach Nias, this surfing location is famous for local and foreign surfers. It also serves the best waves for surfing. This beach also gives a lovely natural scenery.

Not only for professional surfers, this destination is also suitable for beginner’s surfers. They have a fit place for training which is not dangerous accompanied by a guide.

Surrounding the beach, you can find a variety of Nias Surf Camp Indonesia that are beautiful and very cozy to get some rest. You can also taste the dish of the archipelago, which will complete your surfing trip and make it more memorable and fun.

With the support of the best area for surfing activities, as well as surfing destinations with exceptional waves, Sorake Beach became the world’s best surfing destination.

With no crowds of tourists here, you can also try diving and fishing comfortably if you wish to do other activities besides surfing.

What do you think?

Indeed, Indonesia has tourist attractions that are nominated to be the best, not only in the country itself but also in the world. Are you interested in visiting these places?

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