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Can Brain Tumor Be Cured?

Can Brain Tumor Be Cured

Brain tumors can be malignant or benign. The treatment for this condition will depend on factors such as the tumor’s location in the brain, size, type, and so on.

The treatment will also depend on the health and age of the patient. Treatment schedules and methods for brain tumor will be different for children and adults.

But is there any brain tumor treatment that can completely cure the condition? Let’s find out!

Can Brain Tumors Be Cured Completely?

A brain tumor can be effectively treated, thanks to the advances in the neurosurgery field, such as

  • Intraoperative Imaging Technology
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • Precise Navigational Equipment

Due to these advancements, it has become possible to cure brain tumors. You can speak to doctors at reputed hospitals for the best and most effective brain tumor treatment that will help you get rid of the tumor.

What are Some of the Best Brain Tumor Treatment Options?

Surgery, radiosurgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy are the most common brain tumor treatment options. But apart from that, there are several other treatment options available:

Alternative Treatments

There have been few studies or research conducted on alternative and complementary brain tumor treatments. But, at present, there is no alternative treatment for brain tumors.

However, some complementary treatment options can help you deal with the stress you experience with the diagnosis. These treatment options are:

  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Relaxation Exercises

You can speak with the doctor to learn about the complementary treatment that is right for you.

Clinical Trials

To test out the effects of new medications on volunteers with brain tumors, researchers utilize clinical trials.

They create controlled conditions and follow strict regulations to learn how the new drugs will treat brain tumors. The clinical trials will also let them know whether or not the drugs are safe and if they have side effects.

Joining a clinical trial will help you receive a new therapy, which might be more effective compared to the current therapies.

Researchers are trying to ascertain whether or not the new drugs or medications will work for everyone. You can speak with oncologists from reputed hospitals to learn more about the clinical trials.

They are experts in working with clinical trials and will provide useful insights into them. Besides, the oncologists will also point out which clinical trial is right for you.

What is the Follow-Up Care for Brain Tumors?

When you decide to remove the tumor surgically, you have to stay at the hospital for several days for recovery. On certain occasions, the doctor will suggest you opt for radiation therapy or chemotherapy after the surgery to eliminate the remaining cancer cells.

It will also affect the time you spend at the hospital. While at the hospital, you might undergo tests, such as CT and MRI scans. These imaging tests will help physicians learn whether or not there have been any changes in the brain after the surgery.

Depending on the patient’s condition, he/she might have to stay at the rehabilitation center. There will be a team of nurses and doctors who will provide you with the best support and care.

They will also create your recovery plan and decide on the post-surgery treatment option. It will help you recover quickly.

Home Care for Brain Tumor

When you have a brain tumor, the doctor will speak with your family and friends about home care. Here are the best options available for home care:

  • Physical Therapists:The physical therapist will help you when you’re experiencing difficulty in moving or walking.
  • Speech Therapists:Speech therapists are experts in aiding their patients who have issues related to swallowing and speaking.
  • Occupational Therapists:They will teach you how to utilize equipment so that you can conduct all your regular activities effectively.
  • Home Health Helpers:These experts are skilled and trained in helping patients by taking care of all the work related to personal care. These tasks are eating, dressing, and even bathing.
  • Nurses:The nurses are provided by the hospital, and they will take care of the patient by providing them with medications and monitoring the side effects. They will also provide wound care.
  • Home Hospice Care: It is a type of home care where brain tumor patients get relief from symptoms and pain. The patients also get spiritual and emotional support from family members and friends. This type of care includes counselors, social workers, doctors, aides, spiritual caregivers, pharmacists, and nurses.

Final Words

Brain tumors are curable, and there are several treatment options available that help people get relief from this condition. Make sure to speak with the specialists to learn about the brain tumor treatment that is suitable for you.

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