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Best Manta Ray Bali Season in Bali Tour

The Bali is a world popular Island tourists place in Indonesia. It is famous for water adventure, honeymoon tour, Bali nightlife, island tour and nature tour. It has one of the picturesque beach resorts. Most of the tourists visit this exotic island for the Manta Ray Snorkeling Bali. The water adventures available in Bali are snorkeling, sea diving, rafting, parasailing, kite surfing and fly boarding. Yet, the swimming along with the Manta Ray (cartilaginous fish) by snorkeling in the crystal clear shallow water will be a different experience once in Bali.

Best Season to Visit Manta Rays Bali

The April to September is the best time for see Manta Ray by snorkeling. These are the dry season, and the water will be clear. Yet the Manta Rays are always present in all seasons. The rainy season the seawater will not be clear. That is why, tourist prefer to come in the dry season. It is not always you can watch the Manta rays. Sometimes you can see only one manta ray. If you are lucky, you can find a group of manta rays swimming in the shallow seawater of Bali Island. Do not try to touch Manta Rays while in snorkeling.

  • Do not hit them with your feet or hands, when they near you.

The Manta Rays in Bali are harmless, and you must not disturb them too. The below mentioned are the famous manta points in Bali Island.

  • Manta Bay Bali
  • Manta rays in Nusa Lembongan
  • Manta ray snorkeling in Nusa Penida
  • Manta point Komodo
  • Bali snorkeling in Seminyak
  • Tulamben snorkeling in Bali
  • Menjangan Island snorkeling in Bali
  • Amed snorkeling in Bali

The above-mentioned are the popular spots for snorkeling activity in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali Snorkeling Tour price

The Manta Ray Snorkeling Bali cost differs with online tour booking and with the local tour operators present in the Bali Island. If you come under all-inclusive package tour, it will be cheaper. You can book for Manta Ray snorkeling activity with your hotel too. They arrange daily visits to the Manta points in Bali.

Manta ray Local Tour Operators in Bali

There are many local one-day tour operators to take you to the Manta rays snorkeling points. Yet, they may share a common boat, and you can find more number of tourists they gather from different places. This may take time, when few people come late to the boarding point. Moreover, they will try to finish the snorkeling activity, as they have to go for the second or third trip once again.

Private Boat Trip to Manta Rays 

Hiring a private boat or charted trip is the best to see the Manta rays in your convenient time. You can hire a boat locally with a professional tour agent in Bali. You will have to pay higher than the day tour operators do.

Manta Ray Snorkeling Bali is safe and trained guides are with you. It is advisable not to spoil the water and the marine life under the seawater.

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