Dentistry does not only address the needs of dental cleaning, amalgams and tooth extraction. At present a countless number of people turn to cosmetic dentistry or, as it is also known, aesthetics.

It is a way to improve the appearance of individuals from the smile. The treatments that are addressed can be used to straighten, remodel, repair and clear the teeth.

These treatments include veneers, bridges, tooth colored fillings, whitening and implants.

Dental aesthetics can be defined as “the art of creating, reproducing and harmonizing restorations with neighboring dental and anatomical structures in such a way that the work becomes beautiful expressive and imperceptible”.

“Dental cosmetics constitutes a set of operative procedures and applications of specific materials with the aim of achieving the beauty and harmony required by aesthetics.” Jose Mondelli 2003.

It is said that the most beautiful curve of a person is his smile, with a beautiful and careful smile we can open many doors, and it is so much the impression that can give a beautiful smile that many people what they want is to improve their smile.

But improving the smile of each one is not only the fact of improving the aesthetics of our teeth (that too), but with esthetic and cosmetic dentistry what is intended is to improve the smile itself, and the size of the gums can also vary .

The objective that plastic dental aesthetic surgery wants to carry out is to maintain the natural beauty of the teeth, giving it a simple and at the same time striking harmony, but without passing the barrier of the artificial, that is, that people notice the beauty smile but do not realize that you have done some kind of dental treatment.

Aesthetic dentistry takes into account the different patterns and characteristics of a patient at the time of performing the treatment so that the final result is geared. When it comes to improving dental aesthetics, not only teeth are taken into account, as we mentioned above, it is often necessary to perform other techniques in which other specialties of dentistry are coupled; such as surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, among others.

At the time of carrying out the treatment, the different specialists will agree and a treatment plan will be made where the different specialties will be involved in order to obtain the best result. The result of a treatment under aesthetic dentistry will always seek the naturalness and harmony of the smile.

On the other hand, the goal of cosmetic dentistry is to accentuate the natural beauty of your teeth and your smile. Cosmetic dentistry involves using products to beautify your teeth; as for example is the case of teeth whitening, with this simple procedure we will highlight the white of the teeth, giving more importance and thus emphasizing the color of the teeth.

Within dental cosmetics, there is also dental jewelry, these are small bright ones that are placed on the tooth in order to enhance that point of the smile.

In addition to these treatments, at Dr Roze dental clinic in Dubai we have other options to improve the aesthetics and harmony of your smile, we have specialists in dental veneers , implantology (to replace missing teeth), periodontics ( improve the aesthetics of your gums). in our consultation we try to synchronize between the different specialists in order to give you the best solution and obtain the most desired results.

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Thanks to aesthetics and dental cosmetics we can create whiter smiles, align teeth that were misaligned, improve the tone of teeth that are stained or stained, correct the shape of the teeth, making them larger or giving them a more suitable shape for your smile, gather spaces between your teeth, among other options.

To carry out this type of treatment, it is important that you go to the dental office, and make a good diagnosis and treatment plan, using the most appropriate materials in each case so that you can get the smile of your dreams.