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6 Hotel Guest Must-Know Communication Hacks for Hotel Owners

6 Hotel Guest Must-Know Communication Hacks for Hotel Owners

 Maintaining contact with hotel guests is an important component of hotel loyalty. Guests may choose to stay elsewhere in the future if they do not feel emotionally connected to your hotel team. They may be swayed by factors such as location, price, or amenities. Authentic in-person interaction is essential for creating a lasting impression with guests, as is personalized digital communication. I am saying this because I have already experienced this hospitality and communication when I stayed in the best hotel in Bakersfield.

In this post, we discuss some tips for improving hotel guest communication, which will encourage brand loyalty and repeat business.

Hoteliers Should Know These 6 Tips for Guest Communication

Make Sure you’re Proactive

Being proactive means knowing what your guests expect from their stay and exceeding those expectations. Identify guests’ needs by finding out why they are staying with you. Maybe they were traveling with children or came to town for a party. It gives you a chance to give them stuff they’ll appreciate – like kid’s toys and treats or champagne if it’s a special occasion.

Processes need to be streamlined to eliminate anything that could go wrong. This includes things like check-in and check-out, requesting extras from the front desk, and room service. Give them as much help as you can so they can enjoy themselves.

Respond Right Away

Make sure you respond to complaints and negative comments as soon as possible. Making a personal connection with your online followers means interacting with them in real-time. Don’t forget to thank people who mention you in a tweet or tag you in an Instagram post. If you see negative reviews or complaints, most likely on Facebook or TripAdvisor, apologize publicly and get to the root of the problem privately.

Ensure Regular Communication

Keep in touch with guests early on their journey and maintain a regular level of communication during their stay. Once they have made their reservation, send them a welcome email with their reservation confirmation and some travel tips. Remind them by email regularly before their check-in date to keep them excited about their trip and to assure them that you are committed to delivering a positive experience.

The level of enthusiasm and cheerful customer service should continue once the guest has arrived on the property. You should send thank-you emails after the guest has left the hotel. I received these kinds of services when I stayed at the best hotel in Bakersfield. It gives me a sense of exclusivity, which automatically makes me interested in the hotel in the future too.

Empower Employees

Front-of-house hotel staff is the face of your brand. As a result of their attitudes and interactions with guests, they play an important role in determining whether or not guests will return. An excellent customer service experience is the backbone of the hospitality industry. This is where your hotel has the opportunity to truly shine. This is because 89% of businesses compete based on the quality of the customer experience they can provide.

Training in customer service is essential for winning new business. Providing guests with a level of service that exceeds their high expectations may cause them to promote your best hotel in Bakersfield for you, through positive reviews and word-of-mouth referralsProvide your employees with regular training to keep their skills up-to-date. Define and demonstrate what customer service means for your brand.

Engage In Authentic and Personalized Communication

Personalization and authenticity should be infused into all interactions with your guests, regardless of when they book, during, or after their stay. Encourage your staff to engage in conversations with your guests. Identify their reasons for being in town, as well as what they wish to get out of their stay. Guests can then receive customized recommendations of things to see or do based on their interests.

Authenticity and genuineness are equally important in online interactions as in-person ones. Show some personality and a human side in your replies to emails and comments, while staying on-brand. People prefer to speak with other people rather than machines. When your responses are copied or pasted, people can tell when they’re genuine and well-considered.

As soon as a guest books a room, send them a personalized welcome email to let them know what they should expect during their stay. Email reminders spur excitement and keep the guest eagerly anticipating their stay. Allow the guest to make any last-minute requests they may have forgotten to mention through a pre-stay survey. By filling out these forms, you can get to know your guests better and provide them with an experience tailored to their needs.

Monitor Guest Satisfaction During Their Stay

In most cases, you can assume that your guests are having a great time unless you hear otherwise. However, sometimes guests don’t report problems, and hotels don’t know until they read a bad review online. Take advantage of every opportunity to make sure your guests’ needs are met during their stay, and you’ll greatly improve their experience – and eliminate those negative reviews.

Communicate naturally with guests by finding engagement points. Ask them about their sightseeing day, or if they enjoyed the room service or spa treatment at their best hotel in Bakersfield . In this way, employees can ask guests if they need anything else during their stay.

Final Words

All in all, these are the best communication hacks every hotelier should know. In addition, it will help the hotelier to provide the best customer service. Moreover, the above-mentioned hacks are based on the experience which I gained during my stay at the best hotel in Kern County.

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