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Know About the Philippines 6 49 Lotto

Know About the Philippines 6 49 Lotto

A 20 pesos spent on 6 49 Lotto can make you a milliner in the Philippines. Yet, there are many common people, who are now a milliner due to PSCO jackpots. Yet, 6 49 Lotto is one of the jackpots with more prizes and draws. Here, one has to select 6-numbers from the pool of 49. You have to check the match when the drawing takes place. The 6 49 Lotto Result 2019 is available to check on PTV4, PSCO outlets and through online lotto channels in the Philippines. Here, we have discussed where to buy, how to check results and its prize tiers.

Lotto Distributor

Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO)


6 49 Lotto draws happen weekly 3-times at 09:00 PM.

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Sunday

Estimated Prize Amount

The first prize winner can get up to 16 million pesos.

Prize Tiers

The 1st prize goes to exact 6-number matches, which is the jackpot.

The 2nf prize goes to exact 5-number matches, which the estimated prize amount is 70,000 P

The third prize goes to exact 4-numbers matches. Here, the prize amount is worth 2,000 P

The fourth prize is given to exact 3-number matches. Here, the winner can get 20 P

The prize amount can be claimed from the licensed PSCO outlets. However, the jackpot winner must go in person to the PSCO registered office to claim his or her prize money. For this, you must go to Mandaluyong City.


The Philippines Government levies a 20% tax on the jackpot. Therefore the 6 49 lotto prize winners will get their prize money after deducting the tax amount only.

Where to buy 6 49 Lotto in the Philippines?

The lotto enthusiast can buy 6 49 Lotto from any of the authorized PSCO agencies.

Where to check 6 49 Lotto Result?

The 6 49 Lotto Result 2019 is available to check with the below-mentioned options.


The live prize drawings are telecasted on TV. However, one has to be present near the TV during the draw time at 21-hours in night.

PSCO Outlet

The printed result is available to check on the next day with any of the licensed PSCO dealers in the Philippines.


One can check the 6 49 Lotto Result online from the official website of PSCO 24/7. There are also many trusted online lotto channels in the Philippines. They do update the same as and when the 6 49 Lotto results are declared at the PSCO office. This is the best option to check by busy people anytime.

If you have not tried the 6 49 Lotto, you must buy and try your luck. It is advisable to select the most winning numbers. This will increase the odds of winning a jackpot. No other jackpot pools money as the 6 49 Lotto does. Here, the jackpot prize money is distributed in a million Pesos. The PSCO sweepstake is trusted in the Philippines. They are governed and regulated by the Government of the Philippines under the Ministry of Finance.

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