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How to prepare for an ESE Interview?

How to prepare for an ESE Interview?

The engineering services examination (ESE) is one of the toughest and highly competitive examinations. The ESE interview round contains 200 marks. Aspirants scoring between 140-160 in the ESE interview are considered as good scores and there is a ray of hope for those aspirants of being declared as a topper. The success rate of this exam is only 0.5%.

How to prepare for an ESE Interview?

A few tips that will help the aspirants to prepare well for the interview round of the ESE IES exam are mentioned below:

·      Know the ESE interview process: Check the previous years’ toppers interview videos. Try to follow their tips to crack the interview with good marks. This will be very helpful for you as you can get a real picture of the process of the ESE interview. And you will also learn what are the important aspects that need to be given more focus on.

·      Prepare yourself: Once you have gone through the topper’s videos and get an idea of possible questions that need to be more focused you will understand your stand. Then you need to prepare yourself and have to sort out your weak areas and without any delay can speed up your preparation.

·  Prepare all your important educational/ personal documents:  In the ESE interview, you can expect major questions that will be asked from your profile only, for instance, your hobbies, your job experience, your college, your state, M.Tech thesis-related questions, etc. Hence you need to prepare all the important documents and also a good preparation required as you cannot make mistakes in answering these questions.

·      Revise all your subjects: The interview panel in the ESE interview also checks the technical knowledge and the subject knowledge of the aspirant. Hence, you must have a basic knowledge of all your subjects in order to crack the ESE cut off.

·      Memorize all the current affairs: Memorizing current affairs is the utmost priority for all aspirants. You must read current affairs blogs, newspapers, national and international affairs news and try to attempt quiz questions as much as you can.

·      Try to improve your fluency: Fluency is a must for an ESE interview. First understand and then try to practice answering the questions of your own. Record your interview to check your language fluency in answering the questions.

·      Be confident: The interview will highlight the different aspects of your personality. Hence, you must have confidence while answering all the questions. Try to brush up on your personality before the interview process.

·      Be ready to answer any type of tricky questions: ESE interview questions are always tricky. Instead of direct questions, the panel will ask you simple yet tricky questions and you need to be well prepared to answer all the tricky questions positively.


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