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Having a Down Day? 4 Ways To Support Your Happiness

Having a Down Day? 4 Ways To Support Your Happiness

Some days you don’t feel like yourself. You’re cranky, tired and sad, ready to wrap up the whole day before lunchtime. Rather than push through your work, you stare into the void, trying to pull yourself together and concentrate enough to write emails, collaborate with colleagues and mingle with clients. These emotional downs are rough on you and others, and, chances are, it’s not your typical attitude.

Down days are more common for some people than others, and while you may think there isn’t a quick solution, there actually could be. Several studies have shown that certain behaviors, attitudes and choices may alter those negative moods, turning them around for improved mornings, afternoons and nights. Try one or more of the following methods to support your mood

1. Cut Out the Junk

Do you enjoy several glasses at night with dinner? Have you taken to eating cookies throughout the day? When you drink and eat high levels of alcohol and processed food, your body must fight off excess carbohydrates. Sugars go up, and your blood sugars destabilize. These can affect your stomach lining and how well your tummy functions overall.

Get your belly working well. Therefore, prioritize your gut health when headaches and unsettling feelings take over. The American Psychological Association notes that stomach bacteria is responsible for creating neurochemicals that the brain needs for emotional regulation. When it’s off-balance, the gastrointestinal tract may not function correctly. These irregularities may trigger attitude changes.

Cut out the foods that don’t offer nutritional support and may establish difficulty for the stomach’s functions, such as processed foods and alcoholic drinks. Instead, choose clean foods such as vegetables, fruits and lean proteins.

2. Take a Break

Days at work are long. Your kids may argue with you and each other when you’re home, and financial obligations weigh on the mind. These and many other stressors can impact how you feel. According to Cleveland Clinic, this is known as emotional stress. The organization reports that the condition occurs due to daily pressures, manifesting with teeth grinding, stomach upset, exhaustion, rapid heart rate, anxiety and depression.

Break the mentality by managing the catalyst: the stress. This change takes time and practice, but you want to step out of the current situation and do something that helps you relax. Consider meditating, listening to music, taking a bath or reading a book.

3. Make a Social Date

When you notice you’re not your usual self, you may want to hide away. However, do the opposition: see friends and family. When the downs take over, it’s a signal you may need some company to minimize the loneliness and help you feel connected. An article by Psychology Today states that ” interacting with others boosts feelings of well-being and decreases feelings of depression.”

When upset or sad, pick up the phone and talk to someone. Work through the situation, talking about the event and how you feel. If people are in town and free for the night, invite friends over and watch your favorite movie. Play a board game or sit and hash out the craziness of life. Release your frustration and find something positive to enjoy.

4. Set Goals

It’s hard to face hurdles or mountains of expectations, and frequently missing your achievements may hurt your feelings or diminish your self-esteem. It may not be that you cannot attain these feats. You may require additional support or time to do it.

Minimize those to tangible goals so that they are realistic and feasible. Don’t try to do twenty things in a day if it makes you melancholy. Instead, try to do the top five, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Write a note for each day of the musts. When those get knocked out, move on to something else.

Mood swings happen, and they result from many factors. Focus on getting out of the rut by doing something to take your mind off of the negatives. Reduce your stress and concentrate on what you can get done.

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