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Gold Buddhist necklace: things to know before choosing online!

Gold Buddhist necklace: things to know before choosing online!

There is a basic tip that says that the shape of the necklace should repeat the shape of the neckline, but this is not the only one. See other tips below. But don’t forget, don’t limit yourself, the mirror is the best advisor in any situation. If you liked what you saw, it’s worth it.


With high collar you can vary using short or long necklace or forget the necklace and bet on the earring. With large earrings and a turtleneck it is better to pin the hair so that it doesn’t get too much information in the same look, resulting in a loaded look.

Round neckline

Here you can apply the rule directly: for a round neckline look for a round necklace. The maxi necklaces are perfect. With this type of round neckline it is also nice to wear a necklace simulating the Peter Pan collar. This collar shape is a trend for spring / summer 2021.

Canoe collar

The canoe collar goes well with various types of necklaces such as maxi necklaces, long necklaces and even chokers, especially if you have a very long neck.

Square neckline

With the square neckline you should not prefer to wear a necklace or just use a thin cord to give grace. With it you can also invest in long earrings.

How to choose the right necklace?

Along with the neckline, use a long chain with pendant or a necklace with rounded shapes, following the neckline.

“V” collar

In this case, the “V” collar calls for a necklace with the same shape. Thus, delicate necklaces with pendants or maxi necklaces with a “V” shape are worth.

Deep V-neckline

Here use with long necklaces with pendants or “V” shape. Lately body chains have also been seen complementing this type of neckline.

Shirt collar

As the shirt cut has a more masculine feel, maxi necklaces make an interesting counterpoint. You can use the collar over the shirt with the collar completely closed or underneath, leaving open buttons to make the collar visible. Or, you can have a longer necklace over the shirt, but with some buttons open.


Wearing the perfect necklace will be easy if you follow the above tips. Sterling silver necklace or gold-plated necklace will be perfect for you, without hampering your budget. If you prefer something spiritual, opt for Nano Jewelry gold Buddhist necklace. For more Buddhist necklaces from Nano Jewelry look at here and get the premium quality.

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