Tuesday, March 28, 2023



Pune is a city full of opportunities. With its climate and tourist attractions, many people wanted to move to Pune and settle there. With so many IT parks like manyata tech parks and since it has a lot of carrier opportunities, many youngsters from all over India go to Pune for work. Both men and women are equally carrier oriented and shift to Pune without any fear of starting in a new city.

For those bachelor men and women, they might be confused as to where to stay and how to look for a place to stay. If you are working in a tech park-like manyatta, it is always advisable to get a pg near manyata tech park. Jobs in IT companies can be very stressful because of their long working hours. On top of that, traveling from your workplace to home and vice versa can be even more stressful. Moreover, traffic these days during the peak office hours are heavy, and it might take longer than expected to reach to work. So, it is always better to look for a place to stay near the tech park where you are working for easy transportation.

Safety should be considered when it comes to looking for hostels or pgs’ for women these days. Many women are even ready to work night shifts if necessary. They come back from work sometimes late in the night or even early mornings. So, it is better if the pgs or hostels are near to the tech park as they never sleep. Around the clock, the area around the tech park will be busy, and there will be a lot of people from many companies working in many shifts. So, one need not be worried about their safety of going to work.

There are a lot of options on pgs itself for you to choose. Based on your budget, there are four sharing rooms, three sharing rooms, 2 shared rooms, and even single rooms. All these rooms come with various facilities based on the package. But all pgs offer some of the common facilities like TV, Geyser, bed and cot, cupboard, dhobi facility or washing machines, wi-fi facilities, etc. Some pgs provide food only for morning and night, whereas some provide all three meals. You can find a lot of many luxury pg near manyatta tech parks and other tech parks, and depending on your shift and needs, you can choose the one that best suits you.

Coming far away from and staying in a new city, not knowing anyone might be challenging in the beginning. But choosing a pg near the tech park will also help you with the socializing aspect. You can find a lot of people working in the same tech park or sometimes in the same company, which can be very convenient. You can find a lot of people in your age groups and the same mindset to get along. So, if you want a nice and comfortable place to stay and have fun, pgs near tech parks will be a good option.

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