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Digital signature Certification authorities

In the context of the dematerialization of public contracts, buyers may require that the documents constituting the response be signed electronically by a person authorized to commit the company in the response to the consultations.

Obtaining a signature certificate may therefore be necessary to apply for a public contract.

► what is a “signature certificate”?

► How to obtain a signature certificate?

► How to prepare your workstation?

► Consult the list of certifying authorities

► What is a ” digital signature certificate”?

The Digital signature of a person, like his handwritten signature, is a distinctive sign of his own. Applying a signature commits the signatory. For this reason, signature certificates are personal and issued to one person only (such as a credit card).

The holder of a signing certificate who signs a document is therefore personally bound by his signature. He is the only one who can use it.

All documents, documents and certificates that have been signed by hand in the context

Of a paper procedure must be signed electronically as part of a dematerialized procedure.

► How to get digital signature certificate?

You must contact a certificate authority to obtain your signature certificate.

A minimum advanced electronic signature must be purchased based on a qualified certificate that complies with eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market Regulation, which entered into force on July 23, 2014) .

In the public order in France, are authorized:

– Either the advanced electronic signature with qualified certificate (level 3)

– Either the qualified electronic signature (level 4).

It takes a period of 8 to 15 days to obtain a certificate of signature. Some authorities post a delay of 48 hours. The company is therefore invited to anticipate this acquisition.

ATTENTION  : If you have acquired a signature certificate and it is based on a certificate RGS ** or ***, it remains valid until the expiry of the validity of this certificate. .

► List of certifying authorities

To obtain an electronic signature certificate and contact the eIDAS compliant certification authorities:

List of trusted French service providers –

LSTI is in charge of the National Agency for Security Systems Information (ANSSI) to identify trusted service providers in accordance with the “eIDAS” Regulation.

List of national trust made available by the European Commission:

► How to prepare your workstation?

To make the signing certificate usable, the company must:

Install the device driver for the USB key or smart card reader provided by the Certification Authority at the same time as the media;

Publish the certificate on the workstation (automatic action under Internet Explorer). With some browsers, it will be necessary to install the cryptographic module corresponding to the Support .

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