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Baba Jiebu – Learn about How to Play and its Origin

Baba Jiebu - Learn about How to Play and its Origin

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is the motto said by the company of baba ijebu lottery. Although this is the one most famous lottery worldwide and also this is the company that has faced many challenges in history. This lottery came from the origin of Africa and started in 2001, in Africa people are poor and they don’t have enough money. So, this lottery doesn’t get much attention from the people of Africa. There was also a time when the company wanted to shut down this lottery, but later, when this was open internationally, it took the attention of many people; thus, people started calling this lottery as “Premier lotto.” With time it becomes one of the biggest lotteries in Nigeria.

The exciting part of this game :

The reason why this lotto gained so much attention is why this lottery has fundamental rules and unexpected prizes. However, they had given this thing to its player; how much players will invest is equal to how much they will earn. The thing is that baba ijebu don’t have any complex mathematical algorithms.

Rules of this Baba ijebu:

Rules of this game are straightforward, and it comes out in a day. People who play this lottery also have said that this is the most thrilling lottery of all time. Players have to choose numbers from 0 to 90, and then they had to choose the multiplier, for example:

  • NAP2 = In this multiplier, a player has to select any two numbers from the pool, then they have to bet their money on that, money that they bet depends on the player how much to want to put in. If the draw comes out to match with the player number, then their prize amount will be times in by x240 of their bet.
  • NAP3 = In this multiplier, it follows the same strategy as NAP2, but in this player has to choose three numbers, and the prize amount would be x2100.
  • NAP4 = It is the same as the rest two, but now players will choose four numbers, decreasing their chance of winning as well as making it more challenging but as well as increasing the multiplier to x6000.
  • NAP5 = the last, the most advanced part of the lottery, the multiplier has very fewer odds to win, but it has the highest multiplier of x44,000, but players also had to choose five numbers.

By looking at these rules, it is very much clear that there are not any specific rules for this lottery. It sorely depends on the players. The prize pool is dependent on the multiplier the player had chosen and the bet he had taken.

The highest amount that had ever won in this lotto was 120 million nairas (0.38 million US dollars). This lottery is also suitable for beginners as by putting the less amount and choosing NAP2, they can experience the world of lottery.

The recent prize winner in Baba Ijebu is

14, 16, 39, 58, 66

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