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Are Smart Devices Reliable For Home Security?

Are Smart Devices Reliable For Home Security?

We’ve all heard about how brilliant the technology featured by smart devices is. How it brings about home automation in the most easiest and inexpensive manner. You don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on a single device as we previously did for any one installation back in the day, just to automate certain aspects of our homes.

Smart devices have really been a game changer in today’s present day. They don’t require any renovations to the existing home infrastructure, and neither do they cost as much. Installation most of the time does not even require professional assistance. But other than these devices being easily installable or being inexpensive for that matter, the main benefits that they are usually lauded for are that smart devices are great for home automation, energy efficiency, and even security.

While the topic of discussion on smart devices can be quite vast, let’s just discuss the security factor here. How are these singular devices so good when it comes to home security? Are they honestly so reliable? Do they compare to the security systems that we normally have in place in our homes? Let’s discuss.

Explanation by Example: Smart Devices Best Alternative to Other Home Security Options

A better way for you to understand how smart devices work to provide home security is to explain by examples.

Smart Locks

Smart door locks provide for a keyless and tamperproof entry into your home. It eliminates having to leave your keys behind with a trusted friend or neighbor, or even hide the second key under a planter in case of emergencies. What smart locks can do, is that they feature different variants: ones that feature keypads for you to type in the passcode to unlock the door, or simply by using the associated mobile apps for these door locks.

But that’s not really it – smart door lock mobile apps enable you to lock and unlock your home straight from your smartphone, regardless of wherever you are. You could be at work and with the tap of a button unlock your front door for your mom to go in and leave that lasagna she baked for you.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are much better and more technologically advanced than regular surveillance cameras. They have wireless variants that can be placed pretty much anywhere, while their wired variants are also easy to install as is. The live footage is available through their mobile applications, which not only have clear HD video with night vision but also support two-way communication.

That isn’t a feature you would find with regular surveillance cameras – at the max they have audio. But with Smart Cameras you can communicate from both ends of the camera. Not just that, but the device sends in real-time alerts if it detects any movement. The ideal features to watch over your home, inside and out, and deter any intruders almost immediately.

What’s The Catch Though?

There does arise the question of the reliability of smart devices when it comes to home security. Smart devices sound amazing, given all the fancy technology and unique features they bring forth, but they obviously can’t be a hundred percent brilliant, right? How secure is the august smart lock really?

Well, here are some factors that you should know about smart devices in general, that could question the credibility of smart devices for home security.
Around The Clock Internet Connectivity

Smart devices rely on Wi-Fi connectivity in order to function as they are meant to. Any disruptions in internet connectivity automatically entail disruption in the functionality of the device itself. If your internet is shaky and you’ve locked the smart lock from its mobile app, there is a high chance the device would read the command late, thanks to the internet connectivity.

If there ever is shaky and unreliable internet connectivity, you would probably have to check yourselves whether your devices are working as they should – which defeats the purpose of smart devices altogether given that they should provide you with convenience and not the other way round.

Data Breach

Smart devices are usually controlled via their smartphone apps and even voice-enabled commands – for the ones that support the feature. Data breach is a serious problem in general and even when it comes to smart devices. Since these devices are controlled via their mobile apps, what would you do in the event of your phone getting lost, stolen, or even worse, hacked?

Smart devices provide you around-the-clock access to the devices present in your home, from the palm of your hands. Should your mobile devices ever get stolen it’s a problem for sure. Then comes the hassle of downloading the respective apps again on another device, and changing passwords – you get the picture.

Final Word

So to answer the question of whether smart devices are reliable for home security purposes or not, let us just add that there is no wrong answer. It goes both ways. While these said devices are actually brilliant with the technology they feature, of course, like all things do, they also have their drawbacks – that doesn’t mean they should be disregarded altogether.

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