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5 Exciting Non-Beach Activities in Bali

5 Exciting Non-Beach Activities in Bali

Bali has a choice of activities for visiting tourists. Bali city has a uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else. Not only beautiful and phenomenal beaches, the following is a selection of non-beach activities and tourism in Bali.

5 Interesting Activities in Bali

inside borobudur temple

1. Parasailing

Parasailing is a tourist’s activity most pursued, both by local and foreign tourists. This activity is mostly done in Tanjung Benoa. So, you must visit the Tanjung Benoa area to try this activity.

Parasailing or flying in the middle of the sea has its own sensation. This activity also may not necessarily be done in other seas. There is an option to try parasailing alone or with other people. Your body will be pulled by a speed boat using a rope.

2. Picnic to the Botanical Gardens

Bali Island has a botanical garden located in Bedugul. This botanical garden is very wide and is located in the Tabanan area. In this place, you can have a picnic with your family. This place consists of an outdoor and indoor side that displays unique plants in Indonesia.

Unlike the inside of the Borobudur temple which is hot because there are not many trees around the stupa, this botanical garden is very beautiful because there are many shady plants. You can also relax in this place with very affordable entrance tickets, especially for local visitors.

3. Climbing the mountain

You can visit one of the mountains in Bali. This tour is referred to as Kintamani tourism by climbing the mountain and seeing Lake Batur. Kintamani tourism is perfect for tourists who have an adventurous spirit because this place is quite challenging.

This breezy area is full of trees and also not a very crowded village. There are so many trip services to be able to do this activity. You can see how beautiful Lake Batur can only be seen from the top of the mountain.

4. Agro tourism

Bali also has a place in the form of a very wide expanse of rice fields. This area is Jatiluwih, with a very beautiful terrace. You can stay at this place because it is not so crowded with tourists and the atmosphere is cool for a home-style vacation.

You can do this agro tourism in Tabanan, Bali. Jatiluwih is also very friendly with tourists. The accommodation there is more affordable, so are dining options and other facilities.

5. Lake Beratan 

There is a beautiful lake called Lake Beratan in Bedugul. And in the middle of this natural lake there is a beautiful temple. No wonder many choose to travel here, even choose this place to hold their weddings.

It is safe to say that tourist options in Bali are not only beaches. There are many natural attractions in Bali which offer exciting activities for the tourists. Not only that, you will also be spoiled with beautiful views because the residents of Bali Island always take good care of their nature.

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